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App troubleshooting advice from Apple – try these steps first when having issues with any App Store purchase.

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Spelling Star

Known issue (updated 11/30/16): We are aware of an issue that is causing some users to not be able to automatically import a list code via email or web link. The code needs to be manually entered and then it will work. We are working on a fix for this so it can be automatically entered as intended.

Allow Microphone Access: iOS will ask if you want to let Spelling Star access your microphone. Select “OK” as Spelling Star needs the microphone to record your voice when adding words. If you choose “Don’t Allow” then you won’t be able to record words. If you did choose “Don’t Allow” you can change it by going to your device’s Settings icon, then select Privacy (left hand menu), then Microphone (right hand menu). You will see a list of apps that have asked for microphone access. Find Spelling Star and slide it to green. If you don’t see a list of apps for microphone access or can’t make any changes, then you have to do one additional step…Go back to Settings, then General (left hand menu), then Restrictions (right hand menu), then Microphone (right hand menu – scroll down a bit).  Select “Allow Changes” and then turn the access on (to green) for Spelling Star.

Not hearing any audio? Typically when anyone has had a sound issue it has been after an iOS update. The iOS updates can sometimes change your device’s sound to mute without you doing so yourself. Go to your device’s Settings icon, then General, then Use Side Switch to: Lock Rotation or Mute (on older iOS devices that have the side switch). It seems to default back to mute for many people after an iOS update. Often, users have their devices set to mute and don’t realize it.

Version 1.1.5 – Released February 20, 2015
Fixed audio issues on newer devices
Fixed title display on Create a List screen

Version 1.1.4 – Released May 4, 2014
Reverted to native iOS keyboard to support multiple languages
Fixed text field bug
Fixed native iOS keyboard issues with capitalization

Version 1.1.3 – Released April 9, 2014
Fixed issue with capital letters
Improved performance for iOS 7

Version 1.1.2 – Released August 18, 2013
Improved performance
Added ability to listen to words from Manage Lists section
Various bug fixes (fixed “white screen freeze”)

Version 1.1.1 – Released January 23, 2013
Share Lists – create lists on one device and share them with anyone else that has the Spelling Star app. Perfect for teachers to share lists with students or for parents to share lists across devices.
Copy Lists – click a button to make a copy of any list on your device. Perfect for parents with multiple kids or teachers that want to individualize lists based on student needs – add challenge words or modify lists for accommodations.
Changes to Help – revised help text and added share links via Facebook, Twitter, and email
Improved prompts – added new text prompts to help users with the practice choices

Version 1.0.2 – Released September 27, 2012
Fixed Auto-Capitalization of letters issue on iOS6.
Added version number to Help page.
Fixed app name display.

Version 1.0.1 – Released September 21, 2012
Initial release

Math Mountains: Add & Subtract

Version 1.0 – Released November 22, 2016
Initial release

Math Mountains: Multiply & Divide

Version 1.0 – Released November 22, 2016
Initial release