Kevin Smith, M.Ed.
Kevin is a former high school math teacher and is currently a university math methods instructor. He has years of experience creating educational technology resources. He is passionate about user interface and making sure things look good and are easy to use.



Kent Steen, Ph.D.
Kent is a former elementary classroom teacher and administrator. He is currently a curriculum specialist for a large school district. He is passionate about making sure technology actually improves the educational experience.



A note from Kevin and Kent…

We started Top Class Apps as we believe in the power of easy-to-use technology – like the iPad and iPhone – to increase student learning. Over the years we have collaborated on many educational technology projects. It has been our dream to create something that could truly help students learn – based on what we know about effective teaching, practice, and design.

The iPad and iPhone have given us the ability to make that dream a reality through educational apps. While there are thousands of educational apps, few are truly focused on what actually helps kids learn. Kids often spend more time playing with the “bells and whistles” in many educational apps than actually learning.

Our apps are simple, effective, and keep students engaged through frustration-free practice. Our apps provide immediate feedback and get real results. We hope you’ll stay connected with us as we have more apps in development.

We always welcome your questions and feedback. Thank you for your support!

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