Parents, Educators, and Reviewers agree – Spelling Star is perfect for easy, effective, and frustration-free mastery practice of weekly spelling lists…

iTeach: Apps for the Classroom: Great for the Classroom! We give Spelling Star a rating of 5 stars. It is a great teacher’s assistant. It is fully customisable to each user, provides instant feedback – which is great for optimising successful learning outcomes; and it tracks results and provides summative feedback. The fact that you can record your own audio makes it very relevant to my Australian students. Thanks for a great app!

The iPhone Mom: Spelling Star is an easy-to-use learning tool to help students become better spellers. This app is perfect for practicing spelling and sight words for school, homeschool, and spelling bees. With Spelling Star, the idea is for kids to practice spelling words until they are mastered. You are able to actually enter words that kids are studying at school or home and have your children practice their own specific list of words. If you have kids who could benefit from a practice spelling app – be sure to check out Spelling Star!

iLoveAppStore: Super Spelling App! Spelling Star is brilliant for anyone with school age children who have a weekly spelling test! The app enables you to voice record the spellings into lists, you then add the correct spelling and your child then listens to the words and types the correct spelling into the box. The app is really simple to use, and there are sample words in place so you can start using it straight away. It has a nice clear layout and is this is an app that you will actually use! With Spelling Star, there is also enough time in the voice record to use the word in an example sentence, which you can help with trickier words such as they’re, there and their! It allows your child to be completely independent when they are learning their spellings, and it also has the facility for anyone else with the app to share lists that are on their device. I loved this and my daughter is now using it as part of her weekly spelling test! I upload the spellings and she is able to go and practice them and both of us have found it a useful app! Well worth the price!

Smart Apps for Kids: An easy to use app ideal for those weekly spelling lists. Perfect for use with older children who don’t want a ‘childish’ looking app or for kids that need to work in a simple, distraction-free environment. I really like the immediate feedback provided.

Quality Time Apps: Great spelling app! My daughter doesn’t like to study her spelling. But when I let her use Spelling Star she stops complaining and jumps to her work. To use, I record each word from her spelling list into a lesson. It only takes a couple of minutes to set-up a 20 word lesson. Then she uses Spelling Star to test herself to make sure she has her spelling correct. I usually have her repeat each lesson on subsequent days. This helps her retain the lessons learned. I’ve found Spelling Star saves me time since I don’t have to drill the spelling with her. I know she enjoys using the iPad to test her spelling more than have me test her.

Kristi – elementary school principal and parent: Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!!! This is the first week my 4th grade son and I have made it through spelling studying without tears!! I owe you! My son loved studying and got a 95% on his test as compared to his past 75% spelling test average. Great improvement I’d say! He studied more this week than he has all year put together. I’m a huge fan of Spelling Star!

Sara – teacher and parent: A versatile app for spelling, high frequency words, and even letter identification. I have 5 kids and I am able to set up individual lists for all of them. The older kids can enter their own words from their list which provides an extra practice. For our preschooler who is working on letter id I have entered letters. He simply searches for the letter and with immediate feedback knows if he’s found the correct letter. I will be using with my kindergarten students to practice their high frequency words and letter/sound identification.

Kelsey – English Language Learners (ELL) teacher: As an ELL teacher, I have used this app for so much more than just spelling. My students have been successful using Spelling Star for sight words, dictation, practicing word families, as well as spelling. In the latest version, I am able to share the lists with other teachers on my team and parents, too. I highly recommend Spelling Star for any teacher ready to bring an effective app into the classroom!

USA App store reviewer: I hardly ever buy apps. I always opt for the free ones. Also, I’m a teacher. I was looking for a way for my own son to practice his spelling words. This one is the best. I can put in as many words as I need to and record myself saying the word and using it in a sentence. He has to spell every word correctly three times to pass the list. He can get hints, but it doesn’t count toward his three times. It has to be three times with no assistance. My son also has ADHD. This keeps his focus, and he wants to study. He asks to study!

Kera – parent: I think your app is just amazing! Did I mention I tell everyone about it!? 😉 On a real note, I downloaded this app awhile ago and started having my boys use it. I saw instantly an improvement in their spelling tests. Not that I wasn’t working with them, because I was, but they took to this better and as they put it, “Mom it’s just funner this way!” Who am I to argue? I truly love the new share feature as well. What other apps are you brilliant guys working on next?

Heather – teacher and parent: If you are looking for a fun way to help your kids learn their spelling words, get Spelling Star! The girls had so much fun tonight! My daughter was so proud as she “mastered” each word! I even caught my husband playing it!!! He should do well on Friday’s test!

Brian – parent: Nice effective way to practice spelling – I downloaded this for my first grader that is just starting to bring home spelling lists and was very happy to have found this app. I like that, while it does congratulate you for getting words right, it is not a spelling game. The experience of hearing a word pronounced, then simply having to spell it provides an model that simulates what the child will experience when they take the test at school. I didn’t realize when I first downloaded and launched the application that I would need to record myself saying each word, but that was actually a fun part for me and in the end is much preferred to having some text-to-speech voice reading the words. Just know that when you get your child’s spelling list, you may need to take it and the iPad to a quiet place for a few minutes to enter and record the words. I’m already looking forward to doing this again next week when the next list comes home!

Jennifer – parent: Spelling Star is an amazingly simple presentation. No flashy, fancy graphics, no silly games. To enter a spelling list, record the word and a sentance in your own voice. When taking the test, your kiddo hears your voice and types in the (hopefully) correct answer. I also figured out I could say the sentance, “9×12 equals…” and my son would type in the numerical answer 108. It would also work for “What is the capitol of Washington State?” Or even “Name the bones of the hand in alphabetical order.”

Lisa – parent: I’ve looked at other spelling apps, but they are all so complicated. Spelling Star is easy-to-use and fun.

Brad – parent: It really works! I’ve been using it with my kids and they love it.

Seth – parent: My son really does not like spelling…but he is loving this app. The feedback and the visible progress towards mastery makes him want to keep practicing.

Australian App Store reviewer: Love it! So simple to use and so effective. I love that I can record my own words/sentences, it means there’s no confusion with accents or homophones.

USA App Store reviewer: Great Spelling App – Awesome application. I have been creating individual lists for my daughter and her spelling performance has improved greatly in the short amount of time she has been using this app. Looking forward for more learning apps from this developer.

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